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Transfer and Auxiliary Tanks

All toolboxes listed below are brand new, fully functional, complete with keys,

manufacturer's warranty, and mounting hardware.

We label our boxes based on condition, as follows:

Display Model = nearly perfect with tiny scratch or ding

(only you will know)

#1 = visible scratch or ding

(this box is for you, if saving $ is more important than a perfect box)

#2 = multiple scratches or dings

(this box is for you, if function is your only concern)


Transfer Tanks

ST-45-RW - $300 #2

Description: UWS; 45 Gallon; Vertical Rectangle Liquid Transfer Tank, White Steel, Not DOT Approved (Tank has been repaired) 
Dimension: 54"L x 10.5"D x 19.5"H

73350 - $600 Display Model

Description: LUND; 50 Gallon; Black Diamond Plated Aluminum Vertical Liquid Storage Tank

Dimension: 60"L x 14"D x 19"H

211102S - $600 Display Model
Description: Trail FX; L-Shape Liquid Storage Tank, 100 Gallon, Black Steel, Not DOT Approved
Dimension: 60"L x 31"D x 25"H 

72367 - $1100 Display Model

Description: RDS; 95 Gallon, Tank Toolbox Combination,  DOT Approved for Gas or Diesel, Bright Aluminum
Dimension: 48"L x 32"D x 26"H

RDS ALUMINUM Auxiliary Tanks

Requires Make Specific Fuel Tank

Gravity Feed Kit Sold Separately

71804 - $550 Display Model

Description: RDS; 33 Gallon; DOT Approved for Diesel; Rectangle; Bright Aluminum

Dimension: 50"LW x 20"D x 9"H  

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