Specialty Boxes

A complete assortment of commercial storage and carrier solutions for your Van, Truck, Flatbed, Rollback, Stakebody,

and Trailers. 

Miscellaneous Specialty Boxes

Example of a Tote Box in Bright Aluminum diamond tread by K&W

Chest Boxes

In bed Chest box in Black Aluminum by Dee Zee

Underbody Boxes

Underbody Box in Diamond Plate Bright Aluminum by K&W


Pack Rats

PACK RAT® 337-3 Drawer Unit in White Steel by Weather Guard


Fenderwell Boxes

Fender well Toolbox in Bright Diamond Plate Aluminum by Dee Zee

Trailer Tongue Boxes

Trailer Tongue Box in Bright Diamond Plate Aluminum by K&W Custom 

Transfer Tanks

90 Gallon Capacity Liquid Transfer Tank in Black Aluminum by UWS

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